GxP Bielefeld 2019

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The course is aimed at employees, students and doctoral students in the fields of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy and life science.

GxP is a collective term for the guidelines of "good work practice". Our training is based on the requirements for the production of medicines. In this context, the way from the development in the laboratory, over the phases of the approval, the production, to the constant check on the market, the drug safety, is to be discussed.

Our GxP-Training includes basic training on GLP, GCP, GMP and GVP.

• GLP is a quality system for the conduct of non-clinical testing of substances for the assessment of potential hazards to humans and the environment.

• GCP is the Good Clinical Practice. The clinical trials are conducted according to ethical and scientific principles.

• GMP describes the good manufacturing practice of medicines and is a quality assurance system according to prescribed guidelines.

• GVP is the Good Pharmacovigilance practice and represents the post-market drug safety monitoring according to guidelines.

This course teaches you about the guidelines and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, possible occupational fields will be presented to successfully bridge the gap between university and job entry.

A cancellation of the course is possible until 29 July 2019. There is a processing fee of 20 €. After the 29 July 2019 is in the individual case only a transfer to a later course possible.